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2024 Seniors
2024 Senior Classes
Memory Keepers club
Senior Drawing Camp/Workshop
Crafting with the Seniors
Senior Events/Activities
2024 Orchard Days
July 27-Aug 3: Food Truck Opportunities
Aug 2-3: RMPRA RODEO Tickets
July 27: 3v3 Grass Volleyball Tournament
Mens 3v3 Volleyball
Womens 3v3 Volleyball
July 27 - Quickball Tournament
July 27 Sign Up for Little Buck A Roo Rodeo
July 30: HYPNO HICK Tickets
July 29 - Sign up to be a Family Night Vendor
July 30 - 31: 3 v 3 Outdoor Basketball Tournaments
July 30 - Ages 10-12, 3 v 3 Basketball Tournament
July 30 - Ages 13-15, 3 v 3 Basketball Tournament
July 31 - Ages 16+, 3 v 3 Basketball Tournament
July 30 - August 1 - Orchard Days Pickleball Tournaments
July 31: Horseshoes Tournament
Aug 1: MAGIC SHOW Tickets
2024 August 1 - Thurs: Cornhole
Aug 1 - 3: Quilt Show
Aug 3 Orchard Days 5K
2024 August 3: Grand Parade
August 3: Boutique/Craft Booths
August 3: Car Show
2024 Summer Camps
Fishing Camp (2024)
Ninja Camp (2024)
Tumbling Camp (2024)
New! Summer Playground (2024)
NEW! Start Smart Soccer Camp Ages 3-5
Cheer Camp (2024)
New! Where The Wild Things Are (2024)
Teen Adventure Camp, Ages 11-14
Magic Camp (2024)
New! Themed Dance Camps (2024)
New! Princess Dance Camps (2024)
Not Your Typical Camp (Ages 8-12)
NEW! Beginner Botanist Camp (2024)
NEW!! Teen Water Sports Camps
NEW!! Teen Pickleball Camp (2024)
2024 Pickleball
Spring Summer Pickleball Leagues
Ladder Leagues
Youth Pickleball Spring League
Summer Smash Pickleball Tournament
2024 Classes
Youth Classes
Archery: JOAD Competition Program
Archery: NASP Try it Classes
Martial Arts
Adult Classes
Adult Craft Classes
Archery for Beginners
Fitness Classes
Cycle Pump
Endurance Cycle
Power Cycle
Social Dance Classes
2024 Sports
Adult Sports
Coed Softball
Adult Coed Softball
Womens Fall Volleyball
Lower B Division
Upper B Division
Free Agent Sign Up
Womens Sand Volleyball
Womens Sand Volleyball
Free Agent Sign up
Open Adult Coed Level
Youth Sports
Fall Soccer 2024
PreK Soccer - Coed League
Kindergarten Soccer - Coed League
1st/2nd Grade Girls Soccer
1st/2nd Grade Boys Soccer
3rd/4th Grade Girls Soccer
3rd/4th Grade Boys Soccer
5th/6th Grade Coed Soccer
7th-9th Grade Coed Soccer
Youth Strength and Conditioning
Youth Volleyball
3rd/4th grade volleyball
5th-7th grade volleyball
8th-12th grade volleyball
Adaptive Sports
Adaptive Dance Classes
Youth Cross Country
2024 Youth Cross Country
July: Coed Level 1 (Ages 6-15)
July: Coed Level 2 (Ages 9-15)
July: Coed Level 3 (Ages 9-15)
2024 Events
Family Fitness 5K
Family Fitness Kids 1 mile
Kids Marathon